3 thoughts on “It was just a fifty cent fine!”

  1. While this has nothing specific to do with this image, I just wanted you to know that you have ruined Kim Possible for me. When I first saw the “Emotion Sickness” episode, when Drakken exulted about what the Electron Magneto-accelerator could do, I thought nothing of it. But after learning about your website and then watching the episode a second time, the thought that lept into my mind was:
    Shego: “Hey, Doctor. D. Do you mind if I borrow your Electro Magneto-whatshamahooie? I have an electronic device I want *enhanced*.”
    Dr. D. “All right, Shego, but don’t get it all sticky.”
    See? Innocent juvenile entertainment ruined.

  2. Can’t please everybody. And considering Disney’s track record with sneaking in dirty images into their movies and television shows, you have missed a lot over the years.

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