Can I get the funnies?

Shego and Dr. Drakken
Drakken: Shego, that’s not today’s paper, is it?
Shego: Yup.
Drakken: Um, could I get the want ads? That’s not them you’re looking at.
Shego: Actually that is what I’m looking at now.
Drakken: Oh, really?
Shego: Yup, found an interesting ad too.
Drakken: Um, thats nice.
Shego: Wanna hear it?
Drakken: No, I really don’t think….
Shego: (Reads) Wanted: New sidekick for evil overlord, prefered female. Must be submissive enough not to put down overlord’s plans every change that she gets. Must work cheap and not be green. (Looks over paper) I wonder who put that in there.
Drakken: Um, Monkey Fist prehaps?

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