It’s a career!

Kim Possible and Bonnie

Bonnie: You know, Kimmie. Now that you and what’s his name…

KP: Ron. His name is Ron. Bonnie, you know that.

Bonnie: Whatever. Now that you and Ron are dating, I think I’ll follow you and him around with my camera. I’m sure that your mom wouldn’t want the two of you slipping away somewhere off the path together. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

KP: Bonnie, we can control ourselfs.

Bonnie: That’s not want I saw when I read last weeks National Examiner.

KP: And, I wonder who sold them those pictures. You wouldn’t happen to know now, would you?

Bonnie: Not really but I’m sure a girl has to figure out someway to pay for her college education.

KP: And that new Viper sitting in the school’s parking lot?

Bonnie: I should have taken up photography a long time ago. It’s a very rewarding and profitable hobby. And I have you to thank for that, Kimmie.

KP: *grumble*

So that’s what they call it now a days

Mr. Dr. Possible

Mr. Dr. P.: Why yes, we are leaving the two of you alone. And we won’t be back until 11:45 pm on the dot. That’s five and a half hours from now. I hope you two will have finished your “studying” by then so that me and the misses won’t walk in on anything. Wouldn’t want that now, would we? Mrs. Dr. P. won’t be too happy about that you know.

(He turns and walks out, chuckling)

Studying. Yeah, right.